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Newsletter – December 2018

Our December Newsletter is filled with lots of our latest news – Wishing all our readers and residents a very Merry Christmas and may 2019 bring you lots of peace and love to you and your families.  Newsletter Issue Dec …

Posted: 17/12/2018

We had searched in a lot of places around Australia only to find what we were looking for close to home. Signature Gardens Retirement Resort is all that I expected…

Many of my fellow residents are now my good friends and we have a busy, constructive and worthwhile lifestyle.


Q: How will I know when it is the right time to move or if I am really ready?

A: Your home has become too large, maintenance is a problem, safety and home security has begun to worry you, loneliness or isolation is getting you down, the desire to travel knowing that your home is safe and being maintained, any of these can be indications that the time has come to look at other alternatives. A retirement community may be a solution to these worries by providing a more secure and enjoyable lifestyle thus relieving those anxieties.

Q: How is the Resort managed?

A: The Resort will be developed and managed by Signature Gardens Retirement Resorts Pty Ltd. The manager and staff of Signature Gardens Retirement Resorts Pty Ltd have significant experience and expertise in the development and management of retirement villages. A suitably qualified manager who will reside on site will be engaged by Signature Gardens Retirement Resorts Pty Ltd.

Q: I want to reserve a home, but I have to sell my own home first, what are my options?

A: You can reserve a home for just $1,000 while contract documents are being finalised. This amount is fully refundable if you do not proceed to contract stage. A 10% deposit will be payable on exchange of contracts. The contract will be conditional upon:

1. The sale of your house; and
2. Completion of construction of your new house

within an agreed specified period.

If you are unable to sell your own home within the agreed period the 10% deposit will be refunded to you.

Q: Can I have my own garden?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I store my boat or caravan?

A: Yes, your boat or caravan can be stored in a designated area within the Resort.

Q: Can I have a pet?

A: Yes, one small pet on written application and approval by management.

Q: Can I install air conditioning in my home?

A: Yes, on written application to the management and at your own cost. Otherwise it can be arranged during the building of your home. All homes will be built so as to facilitate the installation of ducted air conditioning.

Q: Are family, relatives or friends allowed stay for short periods of time?

A: This is your home and we encourage your family and friends to participate in your lifestyle. Residents are however required to make management aware of any extended stay by visitors for obvious security reasons.

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of my home?

A: The weekly fees cover the external maintenance of your home and the Resort. You are responsible for maintaining the internals of your home excluding the fixtures and fittings that we have installed.

Q: Do residents get a say in the running of the Resort?

A: Yes. We have the philosophy that the residents’ interests are paramount in creating an enjoyable and secure community environment. Residents are encouraged to discuss any aspect of village life with management. In addition there will be a formal residents’ committee.

Q: What happens if I vacate my residence for an extended period of time?

A: Management requests that all residents give notice of such periods of absence, in order to allow an extra watchful eye to be kept over your home and to ensure the usual safety and security is maintained. All fees must also be paid during these times.